Organic Lavender Rose Coconut Spa Kit- SOLD OUT


Lavender package includes:

  • One Rose Lavender Coconut Salve (2 oz)

  • One Lavender Apricot Massage Oil (15 ml)

  • One Rose Lavender Lip Balm

  • One Lavender Linen Sachet

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Lavender Rose Coconut Gift Set

Enjoy the divine fragrance of lavender coconut. Rose is very well known for its anti-aging properties. We extract pure organic Lavender, Rose petals and flowers through Coconut and Extra Virgin Olive oil to maximize benefits to your skin.

Benefits and Applications:

  • Assists in healing dry, chapped, blemished and irritated skin 

  • Great for hair and irritated scalp

  • Assists in reducing muscle and joint soreness  

  • Assists in reducing fine lines due to anti-aging properties.

Lavender Apricot Massage Oil

Our Roll-on Lavender Apricot Massage oil is a great alternative to commercial perfumes. They smell amazing with lavender with a hint of Apricot. Use our massage oil on your wrists, temples, neck, feet, and hands for soothing and relaxing sensations. It is designed to perfectly fit inside your purse or wallet. You will love to have this little buddy with you wherever you go…on the bike, busing to work/home, airplane, and much more!

Fine print: For external use only.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as a precaution, we recommend you consult with your physician prior to use of this product

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