Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products handcrafted?

Yes. We are very proud that all of our products are handmade in Nova Scotia.

Do you use synthetic dyes or synthetic fragrances?

NO. In simple words. The colour and smell of the finished products come from the natural ingredients and from organic premium essential oils.

Do you use parabens?

NO. We do not use any parabens as we do NOT use AQUA or water in handcrafting our products. When you introduce water, you need to add preservatives (like parabens) to keep bacteria, mold and fungi at bay. To keep products fresh, we use 100% organic beeswax that is a natural preservative and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

What is the shelf life for your products?

Our products should last for 1 to 2 years once it is opened and kept in cool and dark place. Using clean hands to apply products to clean skin reduces the amount of bacteria that is introduced. Keeping products (except for bath salts) away from direct sunlight and water also helps them stay fresh.

Do you, or your suppliers, test on animals?

NO. We have a strict ‘test on friends and family’. We also ensure that our suppliers do not test on animals.

I’m vegan. Can I use your products?

Yes and No. Our bath salts are vegan-friendly but not our skin products as we use beeswax as a natural preservative.

Is your product certified organic?

Our products have not physically been certified organic but our ingredients to make the products are supplied from third party certified organic suppliers/ producers.

Do you ship outside Canada?

Yes. We ship within Canada and to the continental USA at the moment. We aim to expand to the UK and beyond as soon as we can.

What type of payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

I’m a retailer and want to sell SAMARA NATURALS’ products. What do I do?

Please email your request to

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