About Us


Thank you for visiting my shop. I am the founder and creator of , SAMARA NATURALS, Pure & Simple Organic Bath & Body products. I hope that a little story about me and my products would inspire you to choose the path you love and are most passionate about in your life journey.

Since I was born, my mom used organic herbs for their culinary, medicinal and aromatic benefits. However, I was too young to entirely appreciate the benefits and how I can apply them to my well-being. I don’t recall once being ill and had perfectly healthy skin.

When I left home to attend university in another country, I experienced rashes, mild asthma, dry skin and my health was deteriorating. I assumed it had more to do with the change in my diet even though I was eating what was generally accepted as ‘healthy’. I tried using different skin products and medications, but nothing REALLY worked.
Fortunately, one of my university courses involved studying botany, identifying plants and their medicinal applications. On a field trip on a windy day, in a stand of maple trees with seeds helicoptering all around me, I came to the realization that I could take my healing into my own hands. *This moment was the inspiration for what would eventually become the company logo, the ‘SAMARA’, which is also my namesake*.

I decided to take a course and I started making several skin care products for personal use. When I started crafting my own salves, creams, aromatics and using herbs in my diet, there was a sea change in my overall health. I said this is it. It was such a wonderful feeling. My health issues disappeared and my skin came back to life. It literally changed everything – nourishing my body,soul and mind.

I became so inspired when I saw results for myself that I shared with family and friends (my unofficial beta testers), who encouraged me to share my herbal secrets with others. When I had difficulty sourcing certified organic herbs locally, I even built my own little greenhouse. Six months of research and development and more beta testing, growing and sourcing organic herbs, and Samara Naturals was born.

I hope my story put a smile on your face and you allow my products to make a difference in your daily lives.

Think Global, Buy Local!